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Release 11/30/23

  • The cost breakdown on the repricing page fixed
  • Added order tax to orders table, logic not yet applied
  • Fixed Lightspeed/Shopify not sending all order items
  • Created listing sync (DB to Channel) for Amazon
  • Fixed eBay and Walmart cron issue for listing sync
  • Added tabbed page template component
  • Custom import functionality added to the import tool
    • currently supports custom fitment and custom product imports
  • Print Label service picker defaults to the lowest rate

Release 11/22/23

  • Inventory quantity fix possible nulls
  • Lightspeed API pull turned back on
  • shipping cost is now on order in prep for the transition
  • fix for Moto United not sending the order to Shopify when printing labels
  • Created Utilities
    • upload products to a Shopify account via CSV
    • pull details about uploaded products back to our DB
    • pushes up meta fields for those products
  • Fixed profit on Supplier Cost Chart
  • Fixed initial white page issue on Listing and inventory list pages
  • fixed minimum weight issue in the print modal

Release 11/15/23

  • Updated Amazon SP-API to 0.8.5
  • Fixed Issues
    • Inventory Management (permissions)
    • create UPC drawer
    • Inventory History quantity
    • CCRec Sorting
    • Operations – Order Sync
    • Inventory search cost NaN
    • Fitment make/model create snackbar
    • Listing List page load issue
    • Manual fitment input now disabled until previous input has data
    • Manual fitment input no longer hides behind the visual box
    • Create/Edit Product edit supplier
    • Internal Price Update transaction fix
    • added supplier filter to variations list page
    • fixed UPC drawer hard coded to supplier 7
  • New Items
    • Inventory List page total cards
    • Inventory list page days aged filter
    • Create/Edit Product fitment import tool
    • User-based filters for inventory, variations

Release Date 11/9/23

  • Fix inventory search page CSV download
  • Change knexJS version back to2.5.1
  • Inventory automation now checks for a negative variance only
  • Orders now end at TRACKED status, instead of COMPLETED
  • Walmart tracking now overrides canceled on Walmart
  • Order archive turned on, added reindexing, runs twice a night
  • Amazon listing sync pulls from a single list with statuses, chunks response into files
  • revert the backend filter change to fix the repricing page
  • RMATV now uses tracking in a manner that doesn’t error when numbers and items are misaligned
  • Product page fixes
  • Supplier cost charts
  • Company create fixes
  • User create/edit changes
  • Company/store check logic implemented for manufacturer supplier search
  • Removed pricing lines for Shopify process fix
  • Internal Inventory price adjustment function DB connection streamlining
  • Revert unneeded changes to the inventory management page

Release Date 11/1/23

  • Internal item update cost based on other suppliers and discount code
  • exported_orders creation bug fix
  • upgrade knex version to 2.5.1
  • remove duplicate identifier issue in constants
  • renamed some components and props
  • changed lightspeed cron run time and schedule
  • turned on the relist cron
  • added variation view drawer for UX purposes
  • bumped app version number

Release Date 10/25/23

  • amazon feed for listing price/status update
  • migration cleanup
  • turn on the relisting cron job
  • inventory aging column
  • ebay and walmart listing sync from channel to DB
  • draft listing filter

Release Date 10/18/23

  • UI improvements ( header, search, action area, icons)
  • Migrate to flex server
  • Remove bloated logs
  • change the logic for scanning for missing POs
  • Repricing Fixed
  • Relisting MVP
  • Fix the Issue with Magik Time not loading
  • Fix csv download and count for inventory list page
  • Fix CC-Rec not loading
  • Inventory Cron rework
  • Added better cron manual run functions

Release Date 10/6/23

  • Add clearer error logging
  • Add new UX for PO scanning
  • Add Product Loading UX
  • External Order support first pass
  • Inventory clarity improvements

Release Date 9/27/23

  • UI changes
    • Search bar previous text
      • search bad will keep the text from your previous search but it will go away if you delete the characters, before it would stay
    • Listing search page
      • Added listing SKU in place of product SKU
      • added sales for the last 14 days and added the previous 14 days to compare
      • changed item id to listing id
      • gave statuses colors
    • Moved action buttons to the search bar section of the tables (for example: a new button on the top of the user page)
      • on this, I added a create page for the buttons with drawers so it would go along with the flow of other view/edit and create pages but I can change it back to a drawer if we decide we don’t like this
      • except for the inventory one because it was being difficult but I have a task for that for the next release
    • Collapse issue on variations table
      • made the tables within the variation collapse take up the whole space
    • Half ounce on print modal
      • the ounces text field requires a minimum of 0.51 oz
    • Inventory column fixes
      • combined quantity and previous quantity columns, if there is a discount on an item, the cost will show the discounted cost with the discount amount
  • CC-rec loading fixes
  • Internal OOS issue fix

Release Date 9/6/2023

  • better eBay fee parsing (issue with decimals in fees)
  • Order Profit Scenario report
  • Reprice page fixes
  • Database connection pooling
  • The data migration for the new “message” column on store_listings
  • Fix order archive only running on Thursdays

Release Date 8/23/2023

  • Inventory Page white-out error from discounts fixed
  • Issue with import for empty tables fixed — seen on importing CCRec, but applies to all imports
  • Temp fix for app crashing — commenting out all storeChannelFeeds logic
  • CCRec filters added un/matched
  • CCRec fixed Auto match on search Query
  • CCRec added date and office filters in import match query

Hot Fix – 8/17/2023

  • Ebay Tracking manual issue fixed

Release Date – 8/16/2023

  • Caroline UI Fixes
  • ebay auto tracking 500 error fixed

Release Date – 8/9/2023

  • amazon notification table in DB
  • CC reconcile mvp
  • PO inventory
  • get lowest rate for labels
  • commission filter
  • added new column to users
  • tucker inventory fix
  • AD API fix
  • dashboard updates for charts