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Inventory Management System for Online Retailers

Synchronize all your inventory with OneApp and lower your order defect rate while increasing your sales by ensuring your online sales channels are consistently up to date. OneApp's state of the art restock tool will help always keep items on your shelfs ready for quick and easy fulfilment while lowering costs of overhead.

Inventory Control System


Real-Time Synchronization:

- Enjoy the benefits of real-time updates, preventing the risk of overselling or stockouts.
- Immediate reflection of changes in supplier inventory files across all integrated channels.

Supplier Collaboration:

- Effortlessly collaborate with your suppliers by integrating their inventory files seamlessly.
- Streamline communication and enhance the efficiency of your supply chain.

Centralized Control

- Take command of your inventory from a centralized dashboard.
- Easily manage and monitor stock levels, reorder points, and supplier updates in one place.

Inventory Visibility and Demand Optimization

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Key Features for Inventory Management:

Real-Time Tracking
Automated Reordering
Multi-channel Integration
Forecasting and Demand Planning

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Warehouse Efficiency and Logistics

Warehouse Optimization
Barcode and RFID Integration
Returns Management

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Inventory Organization and Control

SKU Management
Batch and Expiry Tracking
Supplier Management
Inventory Cost Management

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Data Analysis and Adaptability

Harnessing comprehensive reporting and analytics enables informed decision-making, while scalability and flexibility ensure readiness for evolving business needs.